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Our mission is to create ever-growing relations with customers by providing superior customer service & exceptional supplies.


A Welding Supply Store You Can Trust

Lynarc Welding supply has been doing business for over 75 years. Originally known as Riverside welding, Lynarc has become a core supplier for many local businesses. Lynarc thrives on superior customer service by fulfilling the ever-growing demand in the industrial & manufacturing industry. Lynarc continues to keep a small business mentality to offset it's growth to provide it's customers the service they deserve. Lynarc is proud to be locally own & operated in West Point Georgia since creation. Lynarc is also excited about its current growth over the past few years. As of now Lynarc distributes welding consumables/supplies & thousands of cylinders. Lynarc's current distribution region includes Auburn/Opelika & Roanoke Al, and also Hamilton, West Point, Hogansville, Newnan, Lagrange, & Columbus Ga. Gases that are distributed just to list a few are Nitrogen, Acetylene, Oxygen, propane & gas mixtures. Lynarc also distributes gases in bulk, micro bulk. Along with that Lynarc distributes USP certified medical gases & restaurant grade Co2 & Nitrogen. With Lynarc there is no Corporate nonsense. There is no crazy hidden fees, no logistical restrictions & no annoying hotline in another state that you get stuck on the phone with trying to explain your issues! If you run out of supplies or gases we will be there quicker than anyone else. Our customers are our family. And that's exactly how you will be treated! Lynarc looks forward to continue to provide extraordinary service and establish growing relations in the future.

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How It Started

 People always ask what LYNARC is. It’s a long story but basically it’s the last Name “Lynn” combined with “Arc”. We provide, distribute & sell welding supplies and gases. When you weld, you strike an Arc.  Creating “Lyn-arc”. Blake Lynn created & designed our company name and logo. He was the frontline of this company since creation. Even though Blake Lynn is no longer with us here, we owe it to him to continue to grow his brand & take pride in the foundation he set for us.  No matter where the future of this great company takes us we will always remember how it all started.


A Few popular brands we supply at both of our locations. Come see us and let us help you pick the right brand that suits you best. You don't wanna miss out on our great prices.

Lincoln Electric

Miller Electric


Victory welding alloy

Victor Technologies

Thermal Dynamics







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